Case Study: Kings Foundation

Kings Camps lost the majority of its key organic traffic overnight. They contacted us to help solve the mystery.

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Jon brought real clarity to our SEO priorities, with straightforward advice that delivered results. Jon’s flexible and transparent approach was refreshing from our previous experience with SEO agencies.”

Stuart Ridley, Marketing Director

Key points

  • Kings Camps website hit by major SEO problem.
  • Site lost visibility for camp locations overnight.
  • SEO agency believed more SEO work was needed.
  • Misconfigured Yoast SEO plug-in was actual issue.
  • Problem diagnosed in 1 hour.
  • Rankings back very quickly.

About our work

Registered charity The Kings Foundation provide summer camps for children, employment opportunities for young people, professional services to the leisure industry and training and resources for volunteers. 

The Foundation is aimed at helping children reach their potential and are committed to helping 2 million young people by 2020. 

In late October 2014 Sarah Grindford emailed us asking for help relating to a severe drop in rankings for key terms around ‘Summer Camps’ for their flagship site KingsCamp

The site had previously ranked very strongly for the term ‘summer camps’ in locations from Aberdeen to Exeter and many places in between. Overnight these has disappeared. 

Having lost confidence in the advice given by the incumbent agency, Kings Foundation wanted a second opinion and quickly. We met with Sarah and Stuart to discuss the situation. 

In the initial meeting it was clear that something was badly wrong. We saw that not only had the traffic dropped, but the pages themselves had gone from the index. So straight after the meeting we started looking into it - and by the time Sarah and Stuart had returned to their desks, we had found the issue. 

Our motto with SEO problems is always the same - look for the simple things first. In our experience, they can explain most issues that have people running around shouting 'penalty' or pointing at some other complex problem. 

It took us an hour or so but we identified a mis-configured plugin was the cause. For some reason the website was telling Google that every location page was in fact a copy of a booking template page. 

Google honoured the directive and dropped every location page. Ooops. 

We contacted Stuart and Sarah and gave them the good news. We also highlighted some other mis-configurations on the site and some advice for writing content generally. 

Within a week, the traffic was back to normal levels and at last check, Kings Camps sit happily in the top few results for any "summer camp" + [location] query you care to try.

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