Don't waste money on amateur Adwords campaigns... make Google work hard for your business!

What I Do

I help clients who want to start Google Adwords advertising on the right footing. I have many years experience running clients adwords strategies and will ensure your budget is spent wisely and efficiently. Badly written Adwords campaigns will simply leak money, increase your click costs and damage your overall advertising success. Let a Google Adwords Professional get you off to a flying start!

My Adwords Setup Service Covers:

  • Company visit to get to know you
  • Establishing objectives and targets
  • Keyword research & targeting
  • Campaign structuring & set up
  • Budget management & control
  • Reporting and analytics set up
  • Sales enquiry / order tracking
  • Support to client accounts

Ongoing Help & Support

All these areas work together to provide a robust campaign structure. I am then able to support your efforts through ongoing support and consultancy and I can also call on direct lines of communication with the Google agency team.

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