Your Free 38 Page Guide To Buying SEO Services In 2020 & Beyond

What Will You Get From This Guide?

  • A clear, jargon-free view of what you need to do in order improve your organic rankings in Google search.
  • A summarised understanding of how Google works and the most important things they are looking for.
  • How to weed out poor quality SEO services and time frames you can expect for results.
  • 15 years experience distilled into 38 pages of free expert advice and guidance.
  • An invite to come along to our next seminar - for free!

Extracts From The Guide:

In 2020, if your SEO agency isn’t building high quality links through innovative and relevant content – they will be largely wasting their time and your money.

Jon Colegate

If you are wondering why Google is doing something, often the answer is to make it look more like the human rater guidelines.

Paul Haahr, Software Engineer, Google

I can tell you what (the most important ranking factors are). It’s content, and links pointing to your site.

Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google

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“A very helpful resource for anyone looking to choose their suppliers wisely and educate themselves in the process. Excellent.”

— Andrew Hirst, Sheffield Hallam University

“Google represents a huge opportunity for businesses in our region. This guide makes it incredibly clear what to do and how to evaluate potential suppliers.”

— Alan Wood, UK Steel Enterprise

“It’s very easy for businesses to become overwhelmed by jargon in pitches and via free audits. This guide is easy to follow and importantly easy to judge suppliers against.”

— Dan Kavanagh, Ignition Search (Google Premium Partner)

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About The Author

Jon Colegate has worked on the frontline of Search for almost 15 years as Practitioner, Director of Search, Trainer, Consultant and Speaker:

  1. Director Of Search, Ignition Search (Google Premium Partner).
  2. Consultant & Advisor @ Jon Colegate Limited.
  3. Lecturer for Business Link, HMRC, Universities & UK Business Associations.
  4. European Search Marketing Awards and Drum Finalist 2017.
  5. Helped clients generate millions of pounds in new revenue.