Your Free 34 Page Guide To Buying SEO Services In 2018 & Beyond

Separating the wheat from the chaff, our free guide is designed to help business owners, marketing directors and pretty much anyone involved with buying SEO services get the decision right.

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About The Author

Jon Colegate has worked on the frontline of Search for almost 15 years as Practitioner, Director of Search, Trainer, Consultant and Speaker:

  1. Director Of Search, Ignition Search (Google Premium Partner).
  2. Consultant & Advisor @ Jon Colegate Limited.
  3. Lecturer for Business Link, HMRC, Universities & UK Business Associations.
  4. Trainer for both public and private sector organisations.
  5. Published author for The Entrepreneur & Certified Knowledge.
  6. Trusted by agencies across the region to deliver solid advice & support.